Jason Pack is the Founder of Libya-Analysis LLC. Currently, he is a Senior Analyst for Emerging Challenges at the NATO Defence College Foundation in Rome and Associate Fellow at the Henry Jackson Society in London. In partnership with these organisations, Jason will lead a programme entitled NATO and the Global Enduring Disorder, which will produce a range of content (including a podcast and series of publications) sketching out a “unified field theory” of our current era of geopolitics while proposing actionable solutions to our most pressing collective action challenges.

His most recent book, Libya and the Global Enduring Disorder (Hurst December 2021 for UK, Oxford University Press Feb 2022 for USA) is a ‘cross-over’ academic book that explores what Libya’s dysfunctional economic structures and its ongoing civil war reveal about broader patterns in 21st century geopolitics. Jason’s concept – that we no longer inhabit the post-Cold War World but have entered a new era – the “Enduring Disorder” – was conceived to describe the collective action failures that have come to define international politics. In a series of upcoming articles and media, he will be applying this concept to climate change, tax havens, and the geopolitical crises in Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan.


Over the last ten years, Jason Pack, has worked to promote UK-Libyan and U.S.-Libyan commercial, academic, and governmental ties. After living in Tripoli in 2008, seeking to help Western businesses analyze the reform processes and operate in Libya. He then completed an M.St. in Global and Imperial History at St. Antony’s College, Oxford in 2011. Since then, he has been affiliated with the University of Cambridge, where he was a PhD student and researcher of Middle Eastern History.  From January 2017 to April 2018, he served as Executive Director of the U.S.-Libya Business Association. Jason was also a Non-Resident Fellow at the Middle East Institute, focusing on the unique dysfunctionalities of the Libyan Economy.

Jason has advised the UN, NATO and most Western governments on formulating policy towards Libya. Via his consultancy, Libya-Analysis®, Jason specializes in producing bespoke reports for Western companies which monitor specific aspects of the political and security situation in Libya, while also providing big-picture forecasting.

Jason is the Founder & Emeritus Director of Eye on Isis and its flagship project the Libya Security Monitor, a not-for-profit English-language repository of non-partisan, cross-checked information on security developments in Libya. The LSM tracks the activities of Libya’s armed groups and political actors, the Islamic State’s offshoot in Libya as well as the other Libyan jihadi movements – an invaluable resource for governments, think-tanks, and businesses concerned with jihadi threats and their evolution in Libya.

Jason is the author of “It’s the Economy Stupid: How Libya’s Civil War Is Rooted in Its Economic Structures“, editor of The 2011 Libyan Uprisings and the Struggle for the Post-Qadhafi Future (Palgrave Macmillan June 2013), and lead author of The Origins and Evolution of ISIS in Libya (Atlantic Council June 2017). His analysis and opinion articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Spectator, Newsweek, The Financial Times, The Guardian, Foreign Policy, and Foreign Affairs. One of the few Western experts on the inner workings of Libya’s jihadi militias, Mr. Pack is a frequent commentator on the BBC, France 24, CNN, VOA, and Al Jazeera.

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